Law Enforcement Solutions

iTouch Biometrics offers law enforcement agencies an entire range of state-of-the-art biometrics identification solutions

Accurate ID Software

The Accurate ID Software Suite is a state of the art Biometrics Capture Platform. This fully customizable suite provides a State & Federally Certified Livescan environment while also being as efficient and user friendly as possible. All iTouch Biometrics Livescan Systems use the exact same version of Accurate ID. This makes cross platform training a snap. Accurate ID is fully integrated with Active Directory allowing seamless user & policy managment. Accurate ID is designed with customization in mind and is always ready to meet the needs of your organization.

Booking cabinet
Livescan Station

The Accurate ID Livescan Station is a durable and versatile Biometrics Capture solution for any Law Enforcement Environment. The cabinet houses and protects all of the vital hardware components while ensuring they are readily available for use. This solution is designed to use space efficiently and allow users to complete their Livescan tasks with ease.

Portable 10-Print Livescan Station

The Accurate ID Portable Livescan Station packs the same impressive features as the Livescan Station in a more compact package. This system can be used in less secure settings or in the field to streamline the Biometrics Capture experience.

Accurate ID Go Kit Livescan System

The Accurate ID Go Kit Livescan system allows for real time Biometrics data gathering in the field environment. This system can be paired with existing mobile hardware at a department to augment the mobile Law Enforcement experience.

Go Kit
Accurate ID All-in-One Tablet Livescan System

The Accurate ID All in One Tablet Livescan System is a fully equipped Livescan Station in the palm of your hand. This device will allow for Biometrics Capture from anywhere.


We also offer

Print Client Solutions

Experience the pinnacle of fingerprint printing capabilities with our state-of-the-art FBI-certified printers, specially designed for FD-258 cards. Elevate your fingerprinting processes to the highest standard of precision and quality with our top-tier technology.

Print Client Solutions
Card Scanning Solutions

Unlock the power of seamless FD-258 card scanning and online submission with our cutting-edge technology. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our services as we empower you to digitize and submit your important documents effortlessly.

Card Scanning Solutions
Server Solutions
Server Solutions

Explore our diverse range of server solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to discover the optimal solution that suits your specific needs.


IRIS and Facial Recognition

We take pride in unveiling a groundbreaking feature that harnesses advanced facial recognition technology. This innovation promises enhanced functionality for your convenience.

Automated Fingeprint Matching

We are delighted to present a new feature that includes automated fingerprint matching capabilities, offering an elevated level of security and convenience. This innovation enhances your experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology.

Automated Fingeprint Matching

Cloud Vyzor

Cultivate efficiency and organization in your operations with our dedicated log database services. Our expertly designed solutions are here to streamline your data management, ensuring a seamless and secure logging experience.

Cloud Vyzor

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