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Clients may reject goods as inoperable or defective at the time of delivery by notifying iTouch within 30 days of delivery and installation. Return/replacement requests may be placed through iTouch's technical support email address for this purpose (

Replacement requests will be processed within 1-2 business days. Clients will receive a return authorization number which must be affixed or included with defective products and shipped to the iTouch technical support team at the following address:
ATTN: iTouch Technical Support Team
2300 N Barrington Rd
Suite 325
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

iTouch Shall either replace or repair defective products and refund the amounts you paid for shipping and goods unless any such remedy is disproportionate or impossible. iTouch may test products upon return and charge you any costs incurred by iTouch if returned products are wrongly claimed as inoperable or defective. Refunds will be completed within 2-3 weeks. Most refunds are fully refunded within 3-5 business days after we receive and process your return.

Return of products under warranty, a special offer, contract, or promotion or as part of a bundle may be subject to specific conditions, as described herein or otherwise communicated to you.

Standard technical support from iTouch Biometrics covers all State and federal updates to the Accurate-ID software and manufacturer coverage of the livescan scanner. Specifics regarding security, Windows Updates, network configuration, and more can be found below. Coverage may be different for State Contracts or premium support clients. For more information specific to your warranty and contract please contact Accounts/Receivables at: (847) 706-6789 x103.

Accurate-ID Software Coverage: includes, but is not limited to: quality improvements, certification requirements, charge statute updates, any State required software adjustments for livescan operation, general diagnostics, and troubleshooting of issues specific to the Accurate-ID software (not the Windows operating system).

Livescan Scanner Coverage: includes diagnostic, general optimization, scanner model end of life determination, and generalized repair due to manufacture defect. Physical damage, operator neglect, and general wear/tear is the responsibility of the client.

Hardware and Supplies Coverage: Hardware- other than the livescan scanner- is covered through the limited warranty as provided by the respective hardware manufacturer (ie. Dell, HP, Lexmark, etc…). Most warranties range from 1-3 years and are supported by the corresponding manufacturer technical support policies. Supplies such as printer ink, paper, maintenance, etc. are to be procured through local vendors, retailers, or State representatives other than iTouch Biometrics. Supplies such as Fingerprint Enhancement Pads, Wipes, or Cleaning Kits can be ordered by contacting our Fingerprint Service division at: (847) 706-6789 x101.

Common Hardware Vendor Support Numbers:
Dell: 1 (800) 624-9896
HP: 1 (800) 334-5144
Lexmark: 1 (800) 539-6275

Windows Updates and Security Support: iTouch Biometrics, LLC is not responsible for the security and protection of your livescan system(s). To provide a baseline of protection the latest Windows Updates (at the time of installation) and basic Windows security features are enabled by default. However, it is your organization’s responsibility to maintain the security, integrity and CJIS compliance of your livescan environment. iTouch Biometrics ensures CJIS compliance for Accurate-ID software applications and any initial Windows imaging. Organizations are strongly encouraged to use anti-malware/anti-virus services (ie. Norton, Malwarebytes Anti-malware, McAfee, etc…) and encryption solutions (ie. Windows BitLocker etc…). Law enforcement agencies are strongly encouraged to review CJIS Policy to adhere to State and Federal security requirements.

For more information and resources on CJIS compliance, strong passwords, encryption methods, or recommended online security practices see the CJIS Security Policy Resource Center and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Network Configuration: iTouch Biometrics, LLC is not responsible for the configuration of your organization’s network infrastructure. Our support staff will work closely with you to advise how Accurate-ID interacts within a networked environment. But it is the organization’s responsibility to configure service with their Internet Service Provider (ISP), Active Directory, User Policies and permissions, and Server/Client connectivity with livescan system(s). Supporting network or Active Directory documentation is available online and by request through our support staff.

Data Integrity and Redundancy: iTouch Biometrics, LLC is not responsible for the backup and integrity of your livescan data. It is your organization’s responsibility to back-up all transactions and system information. Backup information is available upon request and automated backup utilities are available within the standard Accurate-ID software suite.

For more information and resources on how to create strong passwords, enable encryption, or enhance online security practices see the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

iTouch Biometrics is committed to complying with State and Federal legislation that promotes sustainability, protects our environment, and helps to remove electronic waste from our landfills. Recycling electronic waste prevents chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and beryllium from causing toxic soil and groundwater pollution. Illinois is one of 25 States that has passed legislation mandating action on discarded electronics.

More information for your State’s local regulations or requirements on electronic waste can be found here.

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