Civil Biometrics Solutions

iTouch Biometrics offers both the public and private sector an entire range of state-of-the-art, FBI certified: ten-print fingerprint, palm-print, and AFIS identification solutions. We strive to make our livescan offering simple to use, accessible, and the most affordable in the industry.

Our turnkey products integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. We are hardware agnostic meaning we will work with your existing hardware based on your Organizations needs. Install a centralized server or provide internal client access to your Organization's livescan records. Regardless of your livescan environment, we will customize a State and FBI certified solution that evolves with your organization.

Accurate ID Software

The Accurate ID Software Suite is a state of the art Biometrics Capture Platform. This fully customizable suite provides a State & Federally Certified Livescan environment while also being as efficient and user friendly as possible. All iTouch Biometrics Livescan Systems use the exact same version of Accurate ID. This makes cross platform training a snap. Accurate ID is fully integrated with Active Directory allowing seamless user & policy managment. Accurate ID is designed with customization in mind and is always ready to meet the needs of your organization.


Accurate ID Civil Livescan System

The Accurate ID Civil Livescan System is a fully customizable solution for any civil biometrics gathering application. We pair state of the art hardware and software to create the most reliable and user friendly biometrics solution on the market.

We also offer

Print Client Solutions

Experience the pinnacle of fingerprint printing capabilities with our state-of-the-art FBI-certified printers, specially designed for FD-258 cards. Elevate your fingerprinting processes to the highest standard of precision and quality with our top-tier technology.


Card Scanning Solutions

Unlock the power of seamless FD-258 card scanning and online submission with our cutting-edge technology. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our services as we empower you to digitize and submit your important documents effortlessly.

Store and Forward Server Solutions

Our meticulously crafted Store and Forward Server is designed to streamline your daily tasks, ensuring seamless remote accessibility from any location. We invite you to reach out to us today for further insights into the Store and Forward Server, a potential catalyst for simplifying your daily life.

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