Fingerprint Services

Fingerprinting services are open!
We are accepting walk-ins on a first come first serve basis starting at 10AM and ending at 3PM Monday - Friday

Finger Print Services We Offer

Illinois Transactions

Fee Applicant

-Licensed Practical Nurse

-Registered Practical Nurse

-Medical Marijuana


-Conceal And Carry

-Liquor License

-Public and Private Schools



-Remitter/Vehicle Dealer License

-Out of State Card Scanning

UCIA Fingerprint Request

-Personal State BackGround Check
    For Work or Illinois Police

-Chauffer License


-Out of State Card Scanning

FBI Card - FD258 Card


-Personal "Rap Sheet"

-National Background Check

Access and Review

-Criminal Background Rap Sheet from FBI and State

-Record Challenge

Criminal Justice Applicant

The Criminal Justice Applicant fingerprint card is be used by criminal justice agencies when an individual is applying to work at a criminal justice facility.

Florida Transactions


Child Care / School Employee

Fire Arms

Employment and Licensing


Clearing House

iTouch can Send to the Clearing House only or both NFUF and Clearing House

Child Care / School Employee

Fire Arms

Employment and Licensing


Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice Employment

iTouch Biometrics is a registered livescan vendor at our office in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We are qualified to submit to the Illinois State Police and the Florida FDLE and AHCA/Clearinghouse. The Types of transactions we offer are listed above. If you have any questions regarding fingerprint services call the number provided below:


Please get your fingerprints printed onto a FD-258 fingerprint card which can be done at your local law enforcement agency or local fingerprint vendor. We would suggest calling ahead to verify the location has the capabilities to print out these fingerprint cards. Once you obtain the fingerprint card, please fill out the form that is below. Make sure to provide the CAI/ORI number from the agency you are working with in Florida. If you have questions about this number please reach out to the department you are submitting your application to in the state of Florida.

Please mail the fingerprint card, the FDLE submission form and a form of payment in the amount of $125.00 to our address:
2300 Barrington Rd Suite 325A
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

We accept payment in the form of a check or credit card.
We will provide you with the TCN number and formal sales receipt once the fingerprints have been submitted.
If you have any further questions please email:

Save time, complete your livescan form in advance!