Archived Log Search

As DevOps, I want to be able to review logs for 36 months back in time for persistent operational issues, security incidents and compliance reasons. My current log analysis system only has 2 weeks retention and then offloads the older logs to the cloud storage, so Given I have the my Azure blob container (or AWS S3 bucket or file share) with 36+ months of compressed text logs When I paste the read-only access key from this container into CloudVyzor LogPad Then I can start searching all of this log data immediately

Streamlined Log Review

As a software development manager, I need my developers be able to review logs immediately after a support case has been created, without asking support engineers to grab logs manually and without installing the 3rd party log forwarding software on the customer production systems, so Given my software is producing the text logs locally and a customer approved 20 lines of code log upload script and scheduled it on the machine running my software When my developer signs into CloudVyzor LogPad, Then she can search customer logs for problems immediately and run reports across multiple customers to see if the other customers had similar problems.

GitHub for Logs

As a software developer, I need a convenient tool to review and store logs from my software, so Given my software generated a gigabyte log file, so I can’t even open it in any text viewer When I zipped it and drag-n-dropped to CloudVyzor LogPad Then I can search it instantly after the upload